Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Zoella launches new lifestyle and office collection

Zoella Launches New Lifestyle Collection This Autumn 2017 

Usually when a You Tuber comes out with merchandise, it is usually aimed at teenagers and looks a bit tacky, but watching Zoella's latest lifestyle video (link above) I just absolutely love the cute, 80's colour styled (gold, pink and grey) products t hat she has coming out next month. The products wouldn't look out of place in her favourite designer shop, Oliver Bonas and look like really good quality and are quirky. I may be 37 years of age but I want all of these in my Cactus/Gold Foil/Quoted Pictures on trend living room!  

Write on Point Pencil Collection (£5-£6)

Stay On Top Of Your World Stationery Book (£12-£15) 

It's The Little Things Notebook Duo (£10)

Wonderful Journal Large Notepad (£12-£15)

Jewellery Holders
Catching Trinkets Ceramic Jewellery Tray (£10-£12) 

Looking Sharp Ceramic Ring Holder (£12-£15)

Plant Pots
Blooming Marvellous Pink and Gold Decorative Storage Pots (£6-£7)

Inspire Me Desk Accessory (£12-£15) 

Cloud Nine Throw Pillow (£15) 

Easy Doze It Throw Pillow (£18)

Sweet Dreams Pillow (£18) 

The range is available at Superdrug, Feel Unique, WHSmith, Waterstones and House of Fraser


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Five Best Essential Oils That Everybody Should Own

Essential Oils Home Kit

I absolutely love essential oils and use them for steam inhalation, massage, in an aromatherapy diffuser and mix them in creams or baths. They create energy, relax the mind, uplift the soul or rejuvenate you. The list of all essential oils can be really overwhelming as there are so many but here is my pick of the best five you should have in your cupboard at home. 

Be careful when you are buying essential oils, that they are within their use by date, as oils do go off. Always buy organic oils as they are purer and contain no nasty toxins that you could inhale or have a reaction to. Organic also means the plants are grown naturally as nature intended, which means that they are free from synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, GMOs and anything that is not 100% pure and natural. Organic oils are of a much higher quality than there non-organic counterparts.
I really like to use oils from as they only sell organic oils where organic farming is usually ethical, sustainable, cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Plus the oils mentioned are only about £5.00 each which is a bargain for a good quality 10ml bottle. 

 The top five essential oils that are great for home use are Lavender, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang,Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. You will get many uses for different moods and uses which each of these oils.

1. Lavender:
Lavender is the most versatile and useful essential oil that any aromatherapy professional can add to their kit. It can be blended with most other oils and many claim it can help with a wide range of conditions and ailments. It's native country is the Mediterranean which may explain it's calming and relaxing qualities. The scent is floral, sweet and herbaceous. Great for people who cannot sleep at night, put some drops on your pillow or mix in a bedtime bath and mix with an organic cream for a body treat to help you relax into a deep slumber. Lavender is also good if you need a quick fix if you suffer from panic attacks or things like stage fright as it relaxes your whole body as you inhale deeply just from the bottle for about three minutes.

2. Peppermint:
Peppermint essential oil is one of the most refreshing and popular essential oils, mainly because it is very versatile. The oil is steam distilled from the leaves and flowers of the peppermint plant and it has been used for thousands of years. When I smell the Peppermint oil it reminds me of eating a really nice mint, brushing my teeth before bed and feeling fresh. It is great for clearing your mind because it stimulates alertness and is very uplifting. Use it in the morning when you feel groggy and you have a big day ahead of you and you need clarity. It is also a great one to take for travelling as it cures jet lag and awakens your mind if your are tired. 
Peppermint is from Europe and the Middle East but is now widespread across the world. The aroma is a strong menthol fragrance that is minty and sweet. 

3. Ylang-Ylang:
Ylang-ylang is a popular essential oil that many claim to use for a wide array of emotional and physical purposes. The essential oil is steam distilled from the flowers of the plant but there are many different levels of distillation for this oil so it is important to make sure which level you are buying. It's native country is from the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia but also commonly grown in Madagascar, Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. 
The scent is sexy, fresh, floral and sweet. Best used for when you feel like you want to 'get in the mood' or completely chill out as it is said to have an aphrodisiac quality but is also calming and relaxing. I love this scent when having a massage too as you completely drift off and want to feel rejuvenated afterwards. Also great for women who want to give their fertility a boost as it gets the body relaxed if you are feeling uptight and tired. 

4. Tea Tree:
Tea Tree is considered to be one of the most useful essential oils and is widely used for physical, household and commercial purposes. It originates from Australia. The scent is very strong and instantly soothing. It is also fresh, herbaceous and woody. I love a few drops of this in boiling water in a bowl, with a towel over my head for deep inhalation when I feel I have a cold. It also works wonders on treating spots as it is a natural antiseptic soother. 
Tea Tree is uplifting, unleashes creativity if you are having a mind block and refreshes your mind. A great oil for students before an exam, people who are sick and run down and if you are cleaning dilute it with some boiling water for a fresh and clean scent in your home. 

5. Eucalyptus 
This sought after essential oil is well known for high concentrations of 1.8 cineole, which is why it is used for a wide variety of purposes. It originates from Australia but is now found in Europe, South Africa, India and China. The aroma is immediately strong and fresh. It is super uplifting and smells very medicinal, herbal and clean. This is great in massage and in diffusion for when you are feeling really low in yourself both mentally and physically as it completely invigorates you, helps depression by stimulating your low mood and soothes your skin if you have things like sunburn or bites. Keep this one for Winter months when you need an energy boost or when you feel you have just had enough and want to reignite your soul again. 

 My favourite way to use any of these oils at home is with my Neal's Yard Diffuser below. I would love to know what your favourite essential oils are and how you use them: 


Saturday, 8 July 2017

New Make-Up Range From Tanya Burr: Chasing The Sun

Tanya Burr launches new Summer make-up line
(C) Tanya Burr Cosmetics
Tanya Burr Cosmetics has announced the launch of its new make-up collection, Chasing the Sun and I am so excited about it! Every make-up she ever launches is always well thought out and as she is a make-up artist the quality is so good for high street prices!
I have loved all her other items in previous ranges so I know I will love this just from looking at her recent tutorials on it. The problem I find is that whenever I go into Superdrug to get some there is hardly ever any left or just random things/colours that I wouldn't use so I think this time I might order online.

The collection debuts three moisturising Lip Balms (£4.99) in Strawberry Milkshake, Sweet Lime Pie and Blackberry Coulis; three Illuminating Powders (£7.49) in Warm Bronze, Peonies Please and Champagne Sorbet; and two on-trend Contour Sticks (£6.99) in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. 
All shades have been selected by Tanya to create summertime looks for every individual. 

Here are the two Contour Sticks in Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. These would look great on cheekbones blended in with a Real Techniques Sculpting brush to give depth and warmth to cheekbones. Or would look great to sculpt out shoulder blades and cleavage areas on a night out to give highlighted definition. 

Contour Sticks (C) Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Next up the three tinted moisturising balms in a clear, pink and berry tone. I don't think I would wear these much but I have used a similar Benefit one and it looked great. I also love how Tanya Burr is rocking the no make-up look so I will definitely give these a try and see how they look.

Moisturising Lip Balms (C) Tanya Burr Cosmetics
Here we have the products that I think I am most likely to try; three illuminating powders. They are a Bronze, Champagne and Rose collection. I have seen Tanya apply these powders to her eyelids, cheekbones and for highlighting the face and I think they look amazing. The actual consistency of the product looks expensive and loads of excess powder doesn't come off, plus the effect is very striking so they are very good quality.


I can't wait to try these products and show you the results! If I can get my hands on them that is! Available online and in-store at Superdrug and online at Feelunique.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil

The Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil 

You can find Almond Oil in most supermarkets now and lately I even found a bottle of it in the Pound Shop! But the best one I have found is the Miaroma one from Holland and Barrrett which is half price now at only £2.24 for 100ml! Bargain. That's why I love this oil so much as it has so many uses and is so cheap so I don't worry about using big amounts.

Almond oil is a pale, sweet-smelling oil made from sweet almonds. The almonds are pressed so the oil can be extracted. As well as being edible, the oil has many beauty, health and skin care uses. Almond Oil has been used all around the globe, such as Greece, China and it is most popular in India.  It originates from the Middle East and southwest Asia from the tree where edible almond seeds grow.
 This is how I use the oil and it should be a bathroom staple for you to use when your skin is dehydrated and your hair is really dry. It contains antioxidants believed to be good for the skin, including vitamins E, A and B.

I use this Sweet Almond Oil from Holland and Barrett

There are two types of Almond Oil on the market.  Sweet Almond Oil is the one used for cosmetic or health purposes and the other type is Bitter Almond Oil, which is used in oil form and considered to be toxic so avoid this one.Always check the label that you have Sweet Almond Oil.
 Obviously if you have a nut allergy then avoid this oil completely. Also you should always consult your doctor about using any type of oils if you have diabetes or are having 
cholesterol-lowering treatments.

Great on sensitive or baby skin as it is mild and hypoallergenic oil; absorption of Almond Oil is best when the oil is warmed to body temperature.

Here are my top tips for how to use Sweet Almond Oil for beauty purposes;

Carrier Oil
You can also combine Almond Oil with other oils for extra benefits. Rose Oil is often used with Almond Oil. Then Almond Oil is used as Carrier Oil, carrying essential oil into the skin and it works brilliantly as it has a very mild smell. It works well in massage and especially facial treatments where the skin is more sensitive. It also relieves muscles by drawing out toxins.

 Clear Up Remedy for Acne Skin
Almond Oil absorbs into the skin really easily and will help with Acne because of its Vitamin A content. A scrub made with fine sugar mixed with Almond Oil 50/50 would work really well on breakout skin before bed. 

Eye Make Up Remover
Almond Oil can remove eye make up- pour onto a cotton pad and then leave on for a minute to soak up make-up and then wipe it off.

Anti Ageing Overnight Oil
 The oil is also anti-ageing as it contains Vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant, which helps repair damage to the collagen layer. Warm up the oil in the palms of your hands and then put a thin layer on clean skin at night-time. In the morning your skin will be  a little oily but just wash face as normal and the residue will disappear.

Solution for Dehydrated Skin  
Tired and dehydrated skin will also benefit greatly from this oil. When I was an Air Hostess and had come off a ten hour flight I would warm up the oil in my palms after a shower and massage in Almond Oil and after a good sleep my skin felt much plumper and hydrated again. 

Removes Self-Tan
If you have uneven tan that you need to take off in prep for a new application. Then simply get an exfoliating mitt and swirl Almond Oil over the mitt and your body to remove excess tan and hydrate your skin. 

Sunburn Facial Treat
Almond Oil will instantly hydrate sunburned skin and soothe the redness as it has Vitamin E in it. 
After a warm bath in the evening, make sure your face is clean of make-up and has been in steam to open up the pores. Then put three drops in your palms and heat up the oil by rubbing together. Smooth over your face and neck, from your nose and forehead downwards and outwards towards your heart, until the oil has sunk in. Keep this on overnight as a rich treatment and in the morning you will notice how silky and hydrated your face looks. I always do this after I have been sitting in the sun all day as it calms redness and puts the moisture back. I have very sensitive skin and I find this soothes my skin and takes any inflammation down. 

Skin rashes, Dermatitis/Eczema and Psoriasis
Use Almond Oil daily on dry flake skin and it will start to transform into smooth skin as Almond Oil has soothing and healing properties. 

 Nail Treatment
Treat your nails to this oil around the cuticle area as it has Zinc in it which helps cuticle growth and repair. It will condition your nails. 

  Hair Care
Almond Oil is great for treating dry and split ends. With my coloured hair sometimes I will put some just in the ends when my hair is dry and then leave it in for 20 minutes to start working and then shampoo it out. During the 20 minutes my hair will drink it up. It does make your hair curly though if you are partial to a wave in your hair and super glossy which I quite like for a day off. So save this for a monthly treat. I was also recommended by a hairdresser to massage the oil into my scalp for hair growth, after I had some hair extensions removed. My hair did seem to have a growth spurt and my scalp was soothed. Almond Oil is often used for head massages as it contains many beneficial hair nutrients, including protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2017

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 
is set for it's biggest year yet

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week will be the centre of attention for the world's bridal fashion market between 25th to 30th of April 2017 with the 27th event at Fira de Barcelona. 
With catwalk shows but 24 top level companies, products from over 300 brands, 800 key buyers from 70 countries and the presence of international fashion stars such as Angel Sanchez and Galia Lahav, the show is set to hold its most international ever edition. 

The BBFW catwalk will be the main scenario for the new collections of 24 leading national and international firms, which will be presenting their 2018 collections of wedding dresses and accessories, groom's attire, ceremonial and communion wear to trade professionals, buyers and the media from all over the world. On 25th of April, Rosa Calra will be opening the show and it will be closed by Pronovias on 28th of April 2017. 

The trade fair opens on 28th of April and will feature more than 300 brands from 25 countries. It will welcome 18,000 visitors and 800 key buyers. 
Brides to be should keep an eye on this fashion week for gorgeous new designs and ideas. 
Visit for more info 


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Max Factor announces model Stella Maxwell as new beauty ambassador

Max Factor has revealed model and social media star Stella Maxwell as its newest global brand ambassador. This is the super hot model of the moment who has been a Victoria's Secret model and has been seen liaising with Miley Cyrus in some intimate kisses. 
Born in Belgium and raised in New Zealand, international model Stella has graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and has walked for Versace, Chanel and Marc Jacobs. 
With more than 1.8 million Instagram followers, Stella’s transformative looks and aspirational lifestyle perfectly complement Max Factor’s brand ethos of contemporary beauty. Model-of-the-moment Stella joins current ambassador Candice Swanepoel as the latest addition the Max Factor family. 

Stella will make her debut in Max Factor’s 2017 campaign launches.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Norvell Europe Launches at Olympia Beauty Show

            Norvell Europe Launches At Olympia Beauty Show

Olympia Beauty is celebrating its 12th year and promises to be bigger and better than ever. To help celebrate, The London Room will be launching Norvell, 
America’s number one professional tanning brand.
Set some time aside to pop in and see Brandon Cardinal, Vice President of Norvell Sales and Marketing in Americalive on stage at 11am and 2pm where there will be live tanning demos and a chance to experience Novell University as a spray tan student.
Also in The London Room, throughout the day, get some great top tanning tips developed
 from more than 30 years’ industry experience, learn all there is to know about Norvell University (launching early next year), receive FREE spraytans throughout the day, plus a goody bag. 
You will also be able to check out Norvell products, talk to tanning experts and see their brand new tanning system which is set to take the tanning world by storm. 

Date: Sunday 2nd October 2016 10am -6pm
          Monday 3rd October 2016 10am- 5pm

Venue: London Room, Olympia, London W14

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