Wednesday, 1 February 2012

In The Beginning...

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with beauty and lifestyle. All my mother ever used to use, when I was growing up though was a Nivea blue cream pot and a bit of lip balm for her daily routine.
Her fantastic Danish genes meant she hardly ever used make-up, skincare or never got tempted by the latest fads. I on the other hand wordshipped Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Kylie. Loving their interchangable looks brought about by different make-up, outfits and hair techniques. I loved the theatre and glamour of stage and screen and still do. My Irish father's family were always partial to being overtly fabulous and I think when I look at my Granny who tells me I must never go out of the house without lipstick, I know this obsession must have been grown from some of that influence.
Over the years I have changed my image dramatically going from dark and mysterous hair to platinum and my search for the perfect scarlet pout always continues.
I now want to share my beauty and lifestyle knowledge with you and get lost in the hazy, fuzzy world of pretty things that are attracted to The GlamourCat- me!


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