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The GlamourCat Interviews... A Burlesque Dancer

The GlamourCat interviews Jem Ayres, a Burlesque Dance Teacher

At the end of this blog post feel free to ask more questions or if you have any queries about the interviewee/subject.
With February being the launch month for this website we have kicked off with a saucy burlesque dancer and teacher, called Jem Ayres. Aptly, she has her own Burlesque troop named Burlesque Jems and here, she tells us how the journey all began. 

The GlamourCat- How did you get into Burlesque?

Jem-   I grew up as an all-singing, dancing and acting child and was supported by my family to take up amateur dramatics at the age of 7 and this continued through to my teens. During my childhood years my Nana encouraged me to watch ballet and my Grandfather played jazz in his garage. I have always seen these seemingly opposing forces as the start of something special!
I was always a natural performer, regularly showing off to my family but as I grew up a ‘chubby’ child I quickly realised that my body wasn’t the same shape as other slim built dancers. So dance was put on the shelf for a few years only to be picked up as a hobby here and there. As a student I studied Performance Art and Theatre at college and university, believing this was my way into performing.
I flung myself back into dance at the start of my twenties and booked myself on every course going; Salsa, Belly dancing, Jamaican dance hall, to name but a few, spending all my spare time at various studios and festivals of dance.
I remember then seeing a Burlesque performer being showered with gold glitter flakes fluttering down from the ceiling, and thinking ‘I want that!’
The draw to Burlesque was the glamour and cheekiness it brings. More than just a dance routine; Its an act, a show, a character, a story- its funny, saucy, sassy, classy and can sometimes be rude, political and grotesque.  I love the character and comedic quality of it – ladies empowered enough to have no shame about their naked bodies and not take themselves to seriously.
Burlesque was a natural progression for me- an opportunity to mix my dancing, performance, comedy and acting side.
I had also been working with disadvantaged young people for lots of years, using art, dance and theatre to build self-esteem, so working with ladies using Burlesque as a route to achieving better body confidence was an instant draw for me! I just love watching people blossom and grow to their fullest!
With Burlesque its all about the individual so the performers do not need to fit into any stereotype (like the stereotype I encountered as a teenager which lead me to believe I was too ‘big’ to dance), so I get the opportunity to work with some really inspiring women from all ages, shapes and sizes.  I find each ladies journey an inspiration to keep my work going and I am honoured to be working with so many different, gorgeous and unique ladies! I’ve taught full time mums, teachers, business owners, paramedics, chefs, hairdressers, shop owners, fire fighters- every women needs time to dance out her sexy side and find her inner vixen!

The GlamourCat - If you were not doing Burlesque what would you do?

Jem- Wear my Marabou slippers to the supermarket...

The GlamourCat - How did you start your Burlesque group?
Jem- I fell into it by accident.  I lost what I thought was my dream job teaching young people arts due to arts funding cuts and I needed to find something I loved doing just as much. Something which involved teaching and the arts and which allowed me to lead a fabulous, fun filled lifestyle. Now my days are filled with boxes of corsets, bags of feather boas, sparkly shoes and looking glam!

The GlamourCat- Describe your first Burlesque lesson you taught and how it all went from there?

Jem- The first class I taught was just a bit of a project for myself, something to take away the boredom of the UK in mid-recession.  I never expected to make money out of it.  I was blown away by the popularity of it! My class loved dressing up, dancing and just having a place out of real life to be sassy, saucy and a little sexy! Before long ladies started asking; "When can we wear nipple tassells?" and "When can we dance with fans?" to "When can we take our clothes off?!". So I just choreographed more and more dances to meet the demand.  A one-off 6 week course has turned into a full time job almost a year later.  
This April will see the birth of ‘Strip Club’ (the place for women to learn the art of empowered striptease), which was inspired by my class ladies who were just dying to learn striptease and perform. Unlike other performance groups the ladies are not required to audition, as I do not believe this brings out the best in people. We already have our first troupe performance booked on the Festival Folly stage and it will be on the 1st birthday of Burlesque Jems.

The GlamourCat- What advice would you give to women who want to get into Burlesque?

Jem- Do it! I always get ladies phoning me saying they are older, bigger, not a good dancer, or not confident and asking would they still be able to do it?  My reply is always the same: "Of course, get to my class!"
My advice for a first timer is to not worry about anyone else. Ladies are really nervous when they arrive to the class, but it’s such a supportive atmosphere in the room that the nerves soon go and girls turn up in frilly knickers and corsets by week 2!  The variety in my class ladies and my performance troupe is what makes it unique and special, and completely un-intimidating. I am proud that my participants champion ladies of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes!

The GlamourCat- Tell us some Burlesque trade secrets for performance...

Jem- Ooooh –
  • Vaseline your teeth- when the nerves hit, your mouth dries up, your lips will stick to your teeth and your smile won't go all wonky.
  • Smile with your teeth showing, otherwise from a distance it won’t look like you’re smiling at all.
  • Make every action 10 times larger than real life including facial expressions.
  • Use a pause in the music, or your dance for effect- sometimes not doing anything but a ‘look’ is very powerful.
  • And as I always say, if it all goes wrong- you drop a fan, you forget the routine, your tassel falls off, the stage falls apart- Own it!  Don’t pretend like it didn’t happen- make something of it! Freestyle with conviction- those moments can be the times of genius performance.

The GlamourCat - Any performance style tips such as make-up, hair etc...?

Jem- Never use lip-gloss on stage- your hair will stick to it as you head flick or spin (I learnt that the hard way).
Fake lashes are a definite must- and tons of glitter spray!
My ladies love the Hair & Make-up parties I run, we learn pin curls and lash application, then sit around drinking tea in headscarves- its such a girlie, glam day!

The GlamourCat -What are your three best tunes for performing Burlesque to?

Jem- Burlesque is best know for its big band brassy tunes so my first fave would have to be Benny Goodman's Sing Sing Sing – higher energy and faster tempo than you would expect from a traditional Burlesque performance- but great for some shimmies and leg flicks!

Next up would have to be my class ladies favourite- Fever by Peggy Lee.  She just has such a sultry voice and the tempos great for our strutting, posing chair routine!  How can you not feel sexy taking a tie off to this?

My next choice would have to be Caro Emerald - its just a fun, cheeky, sassy track which really gives off the vintage, 50’s vibe and gets my hips bouncing!

The GlamourCat- What do you think about people who are negative about Burlesque dancing?

Jem- Maybe they just need to see a wider range of Burlesque…tee hee! 

I think people do make judgements that Burlesque is seedy as it involves people (not just women, as you get boylesque too!) taking their clothes of to music, but there is a lot more to it than that. My job is teaching women to strip for themselves, what they do with that afterwards is up to them…but I have seen through the process that the ladies involved grow in confidence! My belief is that every woman should love her body & own her curves regardless of age or size.
Some people see me as a dancer, some people think I’m a stripper and some have told me I’m inspiring- I’m just having a whale of a time! And my mum loves telling all her friends her daughters run her own Burlesque dance business!

The GlamourCat- What's your favourite prop and why?

Jem- I love feathers- they’re so tactile and sensual!!  Whether dropping them, flinging them or rolling in them. Feather fans, feather costumes, individual ostrich feathers and of course the classic boa! My class ladies love dancing with the feather boas!  There is just never enough opportunity to wear one these days!  My trademark is leaving a trail of feather everywhere I go.

I am however running a Niptastic Nipple Tassel workshop in March, and I can’t wait! Ladies seem to have a mixed response to tassels they either love the idea or hate it!  Where else do you get the chance to learn these tricks whilst laughing so hard you’ll fall off your heels?

The GlamourCat- Who does the best Burlesque outfits?

Jem- There are loads of companies online but you can never be sure of the quality. I was getting regular comments from my class ladies who had bought corsets online but it was the wrong size- there is quiet an art to corset fitting! Often women have also told me they are intimidated by corset shops. So I bought a corset company and now my girls get to choose and try on corsets at their leisure or host a Corset & Cocktail party where I come to their homes!  So I suppose the answer is me!

The GlamourCat- Tell us about your group- Burlesque Jems?

Jem- Burlesque Jems is my dance community. I teach classes and taster sessions in Chelmsford, Harlow, Bishop Stortford & Ware.  The weekly classes do not involve stripping, but we get to learn dance technique with different props. I find opportunities for my class ladies to perform the group routines at shows, carnivals, festivals and charity events, and always encourage them to do so to inspire and empower others!  Burlesque Jems will be hosting their first Caberet night later on in the year where everyone gets the opportunity to perform the group dances and those who wish can also do solos. A fabulous evening celebrating wonderful women - All proceeds of the evening will go to Womans Aid.
Strip Club is the group for my braver women, who wish to learn the art of striptease with optional public performance opportunities!

Burlesque Jems also hosts one-off workshops like the Niptastic Tassel workshop in March, Vintage Hair &Make-up in April and our increasingly popular all female Boudoir photo-shoot!

The GlamourCat- What do you see for the future for yourself and your Burlesque group?

Things coming up:
Burlesque Glamourpuss Residential weekend
I have just booked a residential centre for the first Burlesque Glamourpuss Bootcamp in June 2012- where ladies can spend an intensive weekend making themselves look, move and feel fabulous- which will include dance workshops, character work, using props, costume making, make-overs, cocktail parties and more!

Strip Club documentary
I am working with a film-maker who is in discussion with channel 4 to make a documentary about Strip Club and the empowering and inspiring effect it has on the ladies who participate, from removing the first glove down to the final performance!

Moulin Rouge group weekend to Paris
September 2012 will see the first Burlesque Jems bus of beauties going to Paris to visit the awe-inspiring home of the showgirl – The Moulin Rouge!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my classes I can only see Burlesque Jems blossoming- and I owe it all down to the ladies who support my work and attend my classes! They keep me going and I am humbled and amazed at their infectious enthusiasm. Women are such amazing, nurturing, powerful beings- and most new ladies come to my class by word of mouth, having seen their friends bloom and buzz about Burlesque.  I have built my classes more like a community, as there is no room for elitism - every woman is wonderful and should have the chance to shine!

Jem and The GlamourCat talk all things Burlesque

Well thank you Jem Ayres, this is something The GlamourCat will be taking part in so I will update you all. Please see Jem's website for more details:


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The 5 Minute Spring Face

A fresh Spring look that takes 5 minutes

Get ready for Spring in five minutes with only four key products that I use. This look is great for when you don't have much time but want to look really fresh and natural. The colours I have used will go great with the new pastel colours that are out and suit both blonde, red and brunette hair tones. I showed you this look at 5am when I had to be out the door in 15 minutes. If a beauty addict like me can whizz through it so can you!

1. The Base
After cleansing, toning and moisturising, I apply a quick dab of concealer and eyebrow pencil to line my brows ready for my base. If you prefer a heavier base and mascara then you can apply these at this stage.

Then I apply FAMOUS by Sue Moxley Face Powder in shade 3- Sandy Beige with the sponge you get with the powder. Only £4.99 so a real bargain for a high quality product. The powder is so smooth and conditioning that I use it as an all in one base as it has fantastic coverage without being heavy. The colour Sandy Beige is great for golden skin tones like mine or if you want to take the redness out.

2. The Contouring
Next you want to take a medium sized blusher brush and sculpt your face with a bronzer that is rich in shimmery particles and looks fresh.

I use Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo in Bali/shade 7. Only £5! One side has beautiful golden
flecks of rich blusher powder and the other half has a deep intense, almost burnt orange bronzer with flecks of pearl white and golds. Sculpt your face with the light and dark shades in the pot. I use the blusher where the sun would hit me naturally- temples, cheekbones and nose.

3. The Healthy Highlights
Clever highlighting will wake you up in no time and make your face look fresh. I use a fantastic Shimmer Brick from FAMOUS by Sue Moxley £7 in PINK shade. It rivals it's famous lookalike, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose shade, which at £28 is very steep. This great FAMOUS brick has many uses and I like to use it on a final make-up application. Great for when you have a hangover, feel run-down or just want to cheat that glow.

Use a smaller, but still long blusher brush to sweep the particles together on the apples of your cheeks. (See above left) The, taking a flat eyeshadow brush sweep the lightest shimmer shade in the brick over your brown bones to make your eyes pop.
FAMOUS by Sue Moxley Simmer Brick in PINK £7. (As Before)

4. The Pink Pout
I use No 7 Perfect Stay Lipstick in Mischief £10. It is moisturising and lasts ages. This colour is a very 80s frosty pink colour that will pick up the shimmers from your highlighted face.

Now you are ready for Spring!

About the make-up I used:
The FAMOUS by Sue Moxley range is available to buy from selected Superdrug stores. SUE MOXLEY is one of theUK's leading make up artists working with an impressive client listof celebrities, TV programmes, newspapers and magazines. She isalso a well known beauty journalist and TV presenter. Sue's longcareer began at the age of 16 as a fashion model but she soon feltinspired to leave modelling and become a make up artist and for thepast 20 years has made up countless big name celebrities and modelsas well as giving hundreds of girls and women glamorous make oversfor magazines and newspapers. https://www.facebook.com/Famouscosmetics

Accessorize, the high street retailer have launched a new cosmetics collection. With the new collection starting from £3 we can indulge ourselves in some purse-friendly beauty treats. The brand new collection will include all our make-up essentials – mascara, nail polish, liquid eyeliner, eye dust, eyeshadow and blusher.The range is available to buy in Accessorize and Superdrug stores.

No 7 is available at all Boots stores. Boots No 7


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Geri Gets Patriotic With Next

Geri Halliwell has recreated her Union Jack dress for Next, available this March for a real British Summer celebration.
I remember that first moment in 1997 when Geri Halliwell performed at the Brit Awards in the iconic Union Jack dress. She totally stole the show and it was the first time I had seen a celebrity show such pride for England with 'Cool Brittania' before Blur/Oasis. 
We all know the story about how her sister Karen just helped Geri sew two tea towels together to get the dress and the rest is history. 'That' dress, went on to sell in auction for a whopping £41,320!  

Geri Halliwell performing at the BRITS in the Union Jack dress (1997) Photo: Rex

Geri performing at the Spice Girl reunion tour. (2007) (Getty Images)
In 2007 Geri resurrected the dress once again when she performed for the Spice Girls reunion concert. The Swarovski-embellished design was conceived by Italian designer Roberto Cavalli and was notably sleeker, sparkly, more stream-lined and well, expensive! It still didn't capture our hearts as much as the first dress though as this one was unobtainable and lacked that 'Geri' cheek that we all locked onto. This was older Geri doing a gig and not the 'I'm proud to be British' brashness that we had seen before.

This year is almost 15 years later, Geri and Next have exclusively created a new collection of Union Jack pieces. The range includes a host of printed items including a stunning bikini, bold vests, t-shirts, a maxi dress and not to forget the stand out, fully sequined mini dress.

Prices start at £18 and the collection is available in selected stores and online from early March. The Union Jack collection is Geri's latest range with Next and adds to her existing swimwear, lingerie and dress collections.

"The Union Jack dress was my favourite stage outfit and with everything that is happening this year such as the Olympics and the Jubilee it just felt the right time to design an updated version of the dress for my range with Next" Halliwell said in a statement. Well, with street parties being lined up and so much activity for England this year I can certainly see this range being a hit.
But, will the thirty somethings like me, who became fascinated by Geri's GIRL POWER, now want to deck themselves out in outfits that are louder than and normal Next range we have seen? We don't have the same figures as when we were 16, no matter how patriotic we are feeling, and flags? well I don't think they ever really looked good on anyone as a pattern. Let's have a look at the collection...

All pictures (c) Next

Jersey maxi dress £38
This a long beach dress that is sure to make you be seen wherever you are on the beach. Not one for Marbs, but you can see girls wearing this for our upcoming fun events. The emphasis on 'fun' here as it's definitely not an everyday attire. The holiday destination Benidorm comes to mind, then you wouldn't need a towel to save your bed you could just lay the dress flat on one till the morning.

Strappy sequin dress £199
Much more like the Cavalli 2007 version with sparkly sequins, it appears a good length with wonderful stretch material that holds you in. I love the cowl neckline for a cheeky cleavage line and this dress doesn't see quite as garish. The Ascot commentators will be quaking in their boots at the sight of these popping up everywhere in terms of high fashion, but it is more wearable than the full length maxi. I would wear this, but I might need some Champagne to help me celebrate. Lots of it. Perhaps one for the Queen's Jubilee. For the price and the fact that I wouldn't wear it everyday, it would have to be an event worth being 'iconic' for.

                                                    Cowl back sequin dress £48
This is a cute little holiday number for holidays and not so imposing. I like the abstract flag design and the price is good. Looks a little short though and not sure about that cowl open back, I can see bra strap lines hanging out in clashing colours as we speak. The sequins make the dress that little bit more special than another brand. I would wear it but I would play it down with flat shoes and some long waves in my hair like Geri.

                                                         Bikini top £22
                                                         Bikini briefs £18

I have to admit, I love this bikini. I always used to see girls in America with their flag on one and never saw any British style ones. The briefs are not too skimpy and the top really holds the boobs in great. No dodgy shape for uneven tan lines. Win!

                                               Jersey t-shirt £24 Denim shorts £30
Fun and comfortable, lots of women on the go will probably team this with leggings. I would say go for it if you have toned arms and a flattish stomach. (Not me then).

  Jersey t-shirt £24 Denim shorts £30
I like this t-shirt. With skinny jeans you can Kate Moss this one up and make it look cool. Denim shorts are lovely. Great price on both. I would wear these on a casual basis.

So, I'll tell you what I want what I really, really want... Geri Halliwell to stop looking so damn good and showing me up, oh and I'll have the nice strappy sequin dress please. I've decided that maybe it is time to live out my Geri persona once and for all, just maybe NOT with the 5 inch red platforms.

The dress goes on sale from March for £199 online at NEXT ONLINE or call 0844 844


Thursday, 9 February 2012

GLOSSYBOX February Review

GLOSSYBOX - The postbox present to yourself!

I had heard about GLOSSYBOX on the beauty scene but never indulged myself in the monthly treat. With the lack of a man to shower me with Valentine's gifts this February I signed up. Basically it's only £10 a month to receive a lovely box of 5 premium beauty samples each month. You can earn 20 glossy dots if you are willing to give feedback on the products which entitle you to an extra samples or you can save up for a free glossy box one month, but that takes a lot of dots! (1000)

As a party-girl always on the go, I love these sizes for travelling, festivals and for keeping in my handbag. I am obsessed with products so this is a great way to mix and match up your brands without committing to anything or spending loads of money on high end beauty.

The two things that I liked straight away about this no-nonsense site was that you could cancel your monthly order whenever you wanted and that secondly you could pick what sort of things you wanted by picking your hair type, fragrance you wear and whether you wanted to try skincare/make-up or spa products. They even take your skin and hair colour- that's advanced!

This is how the package arrived - a chunky A5 size so sorry it won't fit through the letter box which is annoying for me as I am always at work, so I guess it is a weekend pick-up for me.

Inside the box was another pretty pink box with pretty tissue paper, ribbon and a note saying Happy Valentine's Day! Why you shouldn't off.. oh go on then hee hee (I like this game)

Just look at this attention to detail! This will really cheer me up every month as I am a sucker for pretty wrapping like this.

Surprise... gifts for moi?!
This is what the special Valentine's January 2012 box for me included and here are my reviews: (everyone receives a different mix of samples suited to what they have selected/want when signing up)

1. Davines Authentic Formulas Moisturising Balm
 Authentic Formulas Moisturizing Balm £17.40 /150ml (Manufacturer Product Size) I received a whopping 75ml tube so half of the full size one but still massive size for the larger handbag. So if you work that out you are getting £8.70 worth of balm- great value.

I had never heard of this brand before, they sound very science based combined with using all natural products. Each preparation contains biodegradable surfactants and has been formulated with no SLES and SLS , sulfates, added parabens, artificial colourings, silicones, mineral oils, PEG s or ethoxylates.

There was no real explanation of what this product did in the box, but looking at the back of the tube it said face, hair and body conditioner. Hair- Apply to wet hair, massage gently and rinse. Skin- Apply with a cotton pad to take off make-up, rinse well avoiding eyes and Body- Apply on damp skin and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing off.

So it is a bit of an unusual product in the sense that any conditioning sort of cream I have used I have always left it in and why would you put it on your body only to rinse it off!
What I used it for was for a nifty little all in one for a weekend away. I used it in my hair for a deep conditioner that left it feeling very soft. I used it to take my mad clubbing make-up (Was just a shame I couldn't use it around my eyes) and it worked quite well but I had to use a separate toner to take the residue away. My skin did feel very hydrated though and I do have sensitive skin and had no problems.
I also used it on some cracked heels whilst I was filling up a bath (as it's always rinsed off) and then let it melt away in the bath. I noticed they were better after but I still couldn't get my head around the idea of washing of something I was conditioning. I do like lazy beauty so I'm not sure how well I will go with this one day-to-day but perfect for that weekend away when you really need a one product does all.

2.Davines Authentic Formulas Cleansing Nectar

Davines Authentic Formulas Moisturizing Balm £18.25 /280ml (Manufacturer Product Size) You get 90ml so a third of the full size bottle, but still looked a big size just for a sample. I work that out to be £6.00 worth of product you get in the box.

The same brand as the previous one with mostly the same ingredients. This is a hair and body shampoo so another great multi-tasker. The smell is very botanical and fresh. It is formulated with 98% ingredients of natural origin and contains organic carthame oil, which has antioxidant and protecting properties. its formula is enriched with organic Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil and Shea butter. I guess the nectar name is from the honey consistency and look. It made my blonde hair very shiny and worked well with the balm above. If you are looking for something understated and natural this is perfect for you.

3. Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliners
£9.50 / per pencil(Manufacturer Product Size) You get the full size! I had heard about this product before for precision lining because of the unique skinny tip end but I'm more of a liquid liner girl.
Eyeko SKINNY EYELINER Pencils are used for precise definition and intense colour. Line and define for long-lasting colour.The wax based, creamy formula allows for smooth application. Even when you sharpen the pencil to the smallest nub the silver handle remains for longer use.

They gave me the weirdest colour out of the whole palette- Powder Pink. Now since when has anyone lined their eyes with a nude shade? So what I did was look on the eyeko website and found that this specific shade was to apply to my inner water line for a bright eyed look. I tried it a few times and find my eyes well up to much, so what I do instead is smudge in my inner reams of my eyes for a doe eyed Gaga look.

4. Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy
Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy

£29 / 30ml(Manufacturer Product Size) You get a cute lipstick size 5ml version. That's roughly about £4.80 worth of product you receive. I had heard about this product from make-up artists before but wouldn't normally go for the dewy one as if I'm wearing primer it's usually for the evening. This product is Oil-free, pore minimising formula creates the perfect canvas by concealing flaws, evening skin tone and can be used under or in place of foundation. One universal shade creates the perfect skin tone match. May be used every day after moisturising. Blend evenly over face and neck. Wear under or in place of foundation for a fresh look. I tried it for work and it stopped me having that smeared gleamy I usually have from looking at the computer screen all day which was a change and I found that after a round of my Zumba class I was an even healthy colour instead of usually having a bright red face. So I do really like this product but would I pay £29 for it? Not so sure, but great for all day events such as Ascot, a wedding or the Summer.
The light enhancing minerals made me look more awake and my skin
looked radiant.

* You can get 33% off at MURAD by entering the code GLOSSYPR. Promo ends 31/03/2012.

5. FAB Gentle Body Wash

Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer  Dewy£10 / 226.8g(Manufacturer Product Size) You get 56.7g in the sample so that is a quarter of the full size bottle. That's £2.50 value of product. This is a moisturising, irritant-free everyday cleanser for the body- ideal for even the most sensitive skin. FAB stands for First Aid Beauty- how clever! Using a soft cloth, sponge, or hands, you apply a generous portion of the cleanser and gently massage into skin, then rinse off with warm water. There was no smell and the product didn't lather up well but I did feel really clean from using it and fine as a face wash as well. Great if you had any sunburn, rashes or skin complaints. Perfect size for my clear, plastic liquid bag for the airport and you get lots out of the bottle.

So total price I paid for the box is £10.00
Total value of the beauty products in the box- £31.50
Wow what a bargain and I have used all of these products. You also get a cheeky sweet in the box from GLOSSYBOX which was lovely. I cannot wait now for next month's gift, what lovely surprise that will be!
Here is my personal referral for you for Glossybox link I thoroughly recommend it for a monthly treat.


Monday, 6 February 2012

The GlamourCat is now on Facebook!

The GlamourCat blog now has it's own facebook page. Please be part of the community and discuss any topics you would like to see me write about. I welcome any chats, ideas or anything you would like me to review. Please come and 'like' thanks

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Make-up Review: Maybelline Dream NUDE Airfoam Foundation Review

I have long been a fan of the supermarket brand Maybelline since I found it in the States back in 2004 when I was working as an air hostess. I would pile my basket high with their brand as it was such a great product with amazing value on the prices. I was so happy when Maybelline finally came to the UK and have been buying their innovative range ever since! Tesco always seem to have a 3 for 2 offer everytime I am in there.

Their newest foundation, New Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation £8.99 has been designed to give you a lightweight look. The aerated foam with fine pigments provides a flawless look that feels as light as air. There are 8 shades in total with an SPF of 16.
I am wearing the foundation here in colour SAND

On first push of the nozzle there is no explanation that you have to shake the can so I had a weird whitish/pink stripe foam come out. Then I shook it and this time a light, whip foundation came out. Imagine making a meringue with egg whites, that is what it looks like and has the same consistency, except this is shade SAND foundation coloured.
The foundation felt as light as air which was weird at first. Then I applied the foundation lightly onto my skin. At first it didn't even look like I was covering anything but with practice I swiped the foundation over my whole face for a very sheer finish. It felt strange, as if I had grabbed my hair mousse can instead and was wiping that over my face.
I did love the fact that I didn't have heavy foundation over my fingers, which if you are getting ready super quick in the morning, as normal foundations can be really messy. I found the formula incredibly moisturising, so if you can combination/oily skin you could probably skip your moisturizer as it has an SPF in it anyway.
The finish looked completely natural but I did need some concealer for some blemishes and under my eyes as it gave minimum to medium coverage and a light dusting of powder as it was so sheer.
This foundation is perfect if you are in a big rush or up early and want a little bit of coverage, dewy and fresh for that no make-up look.
Personally, I felt a bit naked with it but have been wearing it at the weekend and for that "Oh look at me, I just popped out to the shops with no make-up on and look good" look! It's definitely in my 'day' make-up bag.
Would I buy it again? No I don't think I would as I would prefer a tinted moisturizer with slightly more coverage. It seemed like more of a fad then an actual thought about foundation.


You could be a model with DOVE!

The face of Dove Spa

Dove Company are looking for real women to appear in their advertising campaigns throughout 2012; shining examples of real local beauty. They have Dove Spa vouchers to the value of £250 to give away too.

They say:
"At Dove Spa we’re for real women, for feeling your best and celebrating inner beauty. We’re for making real beauty attainable and accessible for everyone. Which is where you come in. We’re looking for real women to be the faces of our Dove Spa campaigns. We’re looking for mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties and colleagues who’re shining examples of real local beauty. All ages and sizes welcome."

You, or whoever you nominate, could be joining us for a casting, and receiving Dove Spa vouchers worth £50. If selected to be one of the faces of Dove Spa you’ll be seeing yourself in our salons and materials across the UK and Canada throughout 2012 and enjoying £250 worth of vouchers too.
The Search for Real Local Beauty begins here...

To enter simply take two photographs of yourself or whoever you wish to nominate using a white background; one head shot front on, and one full length shot. We don’t want posed shots with lots of make-up, the more natural the shots the better– we’re looking for real women. Then, send these images to

along with the following information:
  • -Full name
  • -Age bracket 18-29, 30-39, 40-49 or 50+
  • -Contact phone number
  • -Contact email address
  • -A sentence explaining why you think you should be the face of Dove Spa
  • -Availability for the casting and photo-shoot.
Entries will be shortlisted from 20th February 2012 and successful applicants will join them for a casting in London on the week commencing 27th February 2012.

When our lovely winners are selected they’ll enjoy a London photo-shoot on 5th and 6th of March 2012 plus £250 worth of Dove Spa vouchers to enjoy in a salon of their choice.

Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions apply: Applicants will be required to attend casting week commencing 27th February, and the photo shoot will take place week commencing 5th March, both in London locations. Dove Spa will not reimburse travel costs to/from casting location. No guarantee that guests will be asked to attend the casting day. This is subject to photographers discretion.

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Madonna- Give Me All Your Luvin'

Madonna- Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

My idol Madonna launched her new video for single 'Give Me All Your Luvin'. On the first viewing of the video it is a slick, 'Glee' style video and you can't help thinking how amazing Madonna looks for 53! The song was today shown to a worldwide audience of 150 million. It is the first song from Madonna's new album MDNA which I cannot wait for!
The American Football theme in the video links with Madonna's headline performance at the Super Bowl this Sunday. Madonna has carefully handpicked two of the most budding rap stars Nicki Minaj and M.I.A to join her on this song, and what a great move that was as Nicki puts some much needed funked up verses into the song and MIA helps the cheerleader 'Katy Perry' style song move along in a very upbeat fashion. The song reminds me of Blondie and it's already got the catchy riffs that Hard Candy drummed into me, so no doubt MDNA will be on repeat when it's out.

The video starts with Madonna dressed in a trenchcoat with a pushchair, perhaps showing the bored, American housewife wanting to escape.

It then shows her in sexy black hotpants and her trademark leather gloves and tight black leather corset top. The firstthing you can't stop looking at is Madonna's hair- it's amazing and definitely a velcro roller job. Don't worry I will be getting you all the secrets for this in another post. M.I.A and Nicki support the sexy leather clad Madonna as chirpy cheerleaders, Madonna taking the lead as the sexy 'Rizzo' of the group.

In the next scene- my favourite! The girls impersonate Marilyn Monroe are surrounded by football players. What a fantastic wig she has! I truly have to get all the make-up used on this shoot or will create for you as it looks so sexy.

In the last scene Madonna has a revealing leopard skin bra on with belly top and black hotpants. She finishes off the look with her trademark cross jewellery and cheekily chucks away a pretend baby. There are people shooting at Madonna the whole way through but the American footballer helmets protect her. I guess the whole video is about The American Dream.

The beginning of the video states;
A contract can make you rich
The press can make you a superstar
But only luv can make you a player

So therefore, if you don't love it- don't be in the game!

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