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GLOSSYBOX February Review

GLOSSYBOX - The postbox present to yourself!

I had heard about GLOSSYBOX on the beauty scene but never indulged myself in the monthly treat. With the lack of a man to shower me with Valentine's gifts this February I signed up. Basically it's only £10 a month to receive a lovely box of 5 premium beauty samples each month. You can earn 20 glossy dots if you are willing to give feedback on the products which entitle you to an extra samples or you can save up for a free glossy box one month, but that takes a lot of dots! (1000)

As a party-girl always on the go, I love these sizes for travelling, festivals and for keeping in my handbag. I am obsessed with products so this is a great way to mix and match up your brands without committing to anything or spending loads of money on high end beauty.

The two things that I liked straight away about this no-nonsense site was that you could cancel your monthly order whenever you wanted and that secondly you could pick what sort of things you wanted by picking your hair type, fragrance you wear and whether you wanted to try skincare/make-up or spa products. They even take your skin and hair colour- that's advanced!

This is how the package arrived - a chunky A5 size so sorry it won't fit through the letter box which is annoying for me as I am always at work, so I guess it is a weekend pick-up for me.

Inside the box was another pretty pink box with pretty tissue paper, ribbon and a note saying Happy Valentine's Day! Why you shouldn't off.. oh go on then hee hee (I like this game)

Just look at this attention to detail! This will really cheer me up every month as I am a sucker for pretty wrapping like this.

Surprise... gifts for moi?!
This is what the special Valentine's January 2012 box for me included and here are my reviews: (everyone receives a different mix of samples suited to what they have selected/want when signing up)

1. Davines Authentic Formulas Moisturising Balm
 Authentic Formulas Moisturizing Balm £17.40 /150ml (Manufacturer Product Size) I received a whopping 75ml tube so half of the full size one but still massive size for the larger handbag. So if you work that out you are getting £8.70 worth of balm- great value.

I had never heard of this brand before, they sound very science based combined with using all natural products. Each preparation contains biodegradable surfactants and has been formulated with no SLES and SLS , sulfates, added parabens, artificial colourings, silicones, mineral oils, PEG s or ethoxylates.

There was no real explanation of what this product did in the box, but looking at the back of the tube it said face, hair and body conditioner. Hair- Apply to wet hair, massage gently and rinse. Skin- Apply with a cotton pad to take off make-up, rinse well avoiding eyes and Body- Apply on damp skin and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing off.

So it is a bit of an unusual product in the sense that any conditioning sort of cream I have used I have always left it in and why would you put it on your body only to rinse it off!
What I used it for was for a nifty little all in one for a weekend away. I used it in my hair for a deep conditioner that left it feeling very soft. I used it to take my mad clubbing make-up (Was just a shame I couldn't use it around my eyes) and it worked quite well but I had to use a separate toner to take the residue away. My skin did feel very hydrated though and I do have sensitive skin and had no problems.
I also used it on some cracked heels whilst I was filling up a bath (as it's always rinsed off) and then let it melt away in the bath. I noticed they were better after but I still couldn't get my head around the idea of washing of something I was conditioning. I do like lazy beauty so I'm not sure how well I will go with this one day-to-day but perfect for that weekend away when you really need a one product does all.

2.Davines Authentic Formulas Cleansing Nectar

Davines Authentic Formulas Moisturizing Balm £18.25 /280ml (Manufacturer Product Size) You get 90ml so a third of the full size bottle, but still looked a big size just for a sample. I work that out to be £6.00 worth of product you get in the box.

The same brand as the previous one with mostly the same ingredients. This is a hair and body shampoo so another great multi-tasker. The smell is very botanical and fresh. It is formulated with 98% ingredients of natural origin and contains organic carthame oil, which has antioxidant and protecting properties. its formula is enriched with organic Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil and Shea butter. I guess the nectar name is from the honey consistency and look. It made my blonde hair very shiny and worked well with the balm above. If you are looking for something understated and natural this is perfect for you.

3. Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliners
£9.50 / per pencil(Manufacturer Product Size) You get the full size! I had heard about this product before for precision lining because of the unique skinny tip end but I'm more of a liquid liner girl.
Eyeko SKINNY EYELINER Pencils are used for precise definition and intense colour. Line and define for long-lasting colour.The wax based, creamy formula allows for smooth application. Even when you sharpen the pencil to the smallest nub the silver handle remains for longer use.

They gave me the weirdest colour out of the whole palette- Powder Pink. Now since when has anyone lined their eyes with a nude shade? So what I did was look on the eyeko website and found that this specific shade was to apply to my inner water line for a bright eyed look. I tried it a few times and find my eyes well up to much, so what I do instead is smudge in my inner reams of my eyes for a doe eyed Gaga look.

4. Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy
Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy

£29 / 30ml(Manufacturer Product Size) You get a cute lipstick size 5ml version. That's roughly about £4.80 worth of product you receive. I had heard about this product from make-up artists before but wouldn't normally go for the dewy one as if I'm wearing primer it's usually for the evening. This product is Oil-free, pore minimising formula creates the perfect canvas by concealing flaws, evening skin tone and can be used under or in place of foundation. One universal shade creates the perfect skin tone match. May be used every day after moisturising. Blend evenly over face and neck. Wear under or in place of foundation for a fresh look. I tried it for work and it stopped me having that smeared gleamy I usually have from looking at the computer screen all day which was a change and I found that after a round of my Zumba class I was an even healthy colour instead of usually having a bright red face. So I do really like this product but would I pay £29 for it? Not so sure, but great for all day events such as Ascot, a wedding or the Summer.
The light enhancing minerals made me look more awake and my skin
looked radiant.

* You can get 33% off at MURAD by entering the code GLOSSYPR. Promo ends 31/03/2012.

5. FAB Gentle Body Wash

Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer  Dewy£10 / 226.8g(Manufacturer Product Size) You get 56.7g in the sample so that is a quarter of the full size bottle. That's £2.50 value of product. This is a moisturising, irritant-free everyday cleanser for the body- ideal for even the most sensitive skin. FAB stands for First Aid Beauty- how clever! Using a soft cloth, sponge, or hands, you apply a generous portion of the cleanser and gently massage into skin, then rinse off with warm water. There was no smell and the product didn't lather up well but I did feel really clean from using it and fine as a face wash as well. Great if you had any sunburn, rashes or skin complaints. Perfect size for my clear, plastic liquid bag for the airport and you get lots out of the bottle.

So total price I paid for the box is £10.00
Total value of the beauty products in the box- £31.50
Wow what a bargain and I have used all of these products. You also get a cheeky sweet in the box from GLOSSYBOX which was lovely. I cannot wait now for next month's gift, what lovely surprise that will be!
Here is my personal referral for you for Glossybox link I thoroughly recommend it for a monthly treat.


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