Saturday, 4 February 2012

Make-up Review: Maybelline Dream NUDE Airfoam Foundation Review

I have long been a fan of the supermarket brand Maybelline since I found it in the States back in 2004 when I was working as an air hostess. I would pile my basket high with their brand as it was such a great product with amazing value on the prices. I was so happy when Maybelline finally came to the UK and have been buying their innovative range ever since! Tesco always seem to have a 3 for 2 offer everytime I am in there.

Their newest foundation, New Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation £8.99 has been designed to give you a lightweight look. The aerated foam with fine pigments provides a flawless look that feels as light as air. There are 8 shades in total with an SPF of 16.
I am wearing the foundation here in colour SAND

On first push of the nozzle there is no explanation that you have to shake the can so I had a weird whitish/pink stripe foam come out. Then I shook it and this time a light, whip foundation came out. Imagine making a meringue with egg whites, that is what it looks like and has the same consistency, except this is shade SAND foundation coloured.
The foundation felt as light as air which was weird at first. Then I applied the foundation lightly onto my skin. At first it didn't even look like I was covering anything but with practice I swiped the foundation over my whole face for a very sheer finish. It felt strange, as if I had grabbed my hair mousse can instead and was wiping that over my face.
I did love the fact that I didn't have heavy foundation over my fingers, which if you are getting ready super quick in the morning, as normal foundations can be really messy. I found the formula incredibly moisturising, so if you can combination/oily skin you could probably skip your moisturizer as it has an SPF in it anyway.
The finish looked completely natural but I did need some concealer for some blemishes and under my eyes as it gave minimum to medium coverage and a light dusting of powder as it was so sheer.
This foundation is perfect if you are in a big rush or up early and want a little bit of coverage, dewy and fresh for that no make-up look.
Personally, I felt a bit naked with it but have been wearing it at the weekend and for that "Oh look at me, I just popped out to the shops with no make-up on and look good" look! It's definitely in my 'day' make-up bag.
Would I buy it again? No I don't think I would as I would prefer a tinted moisturizer with slightly more coverage. It seemed like more of a fad then an actual thought about foundation.


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