Monday, 26 March 2012

Eve Appeal Free Nail Event - 10th May 2012

Help us Nail it…Again!

London College of Beauty Therapy (LCBT) is planning to bring back a beauty world record to Great Britain. Students at the central London college have accepted the incredible challenge of attempting to file and varnish 30,000 hand nails in just 8 hours (3000 volunteers will be required to support the challenge and receive a free mini manicure).

Having created the record in 2010, it was later beaten by an Australian organisation in September 2011; but now it is time for Britain to win the title back and raise much-needed funds and awareness for Rays of Sunshine (a wish granting charity for young people with serious or life-threatening illnesses) and The Eve Appeal (which helps the fight against gynaecological cancers). The world record attempt will take place on Thursday 10th May at the college's Great Marlborough Street location in London W1.    

Women (and men!) are invited to LCBT (47 Great Marlborough St, London) between 11am-7pm on 10th May 2012 to help break the World Record, raise money for charity, receive a free mini-manicure and goodie bags (while stocks last) sponsored by Marie Claire, Scratch Magazine, Contrasi London, Bootcamp Pilates, HairDazzle, Trollbeads and Mrs Marcos.

Eileen Cavalier OBE, CEO and founder of LCBT said, “We had such fun 2 years ago and can’t wait for it to be even bigger this time round with a great line up of celebrities and sponsors! This is also a fantastic opportunity for all of our learners who are helping to organise the event and will be taking part on the day. ” Over 150 of LCBT’s trainee therapists will take part in the attempt.

Register to attend the event free of charge by downloading a free ticket here (although a ticket is not essential to take part in the attempt):

Follow the events progress and gain access to exclusive competitions and prizes by joining the Facebook Event here:

  The Eve Appeal:
020 7299 4433


Friday, 23 March 2012

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pound Shop Treat- Vaseline

Pound Shop Treat- Vaseline

The bargain beauty product this month is Vaseline which has long been a beauty staple for many households for the last 140 years. Vaseline is triple purified and works with skin for better nourishment and protection.
Your skin has the ability to care for itself, it can renew, repair, heal and restore itself to its natural state, but sometimes it needs a helping hand to stay healthy. Best of all is the price- I found this cheaper than a pound in many chemists. 89p was the cheapest I saw it for! Lasts for ages.

According to it's website Vaseline , is original 100% pure petroleum jelly is made using a unique triple purification process which creates a petroleum jelly so pure that it works naturally with your skin, helping it to rebuild moisture and renew itself. 
The benefits of petroleum jelly or Vaseline are well known. It is an excellent lubricant, it can be used as a coating to prevent substances from adhering to surfaces and can be used to slide out tight rings. Vaseline, however, can also be used by many as a basic first aid item that can help minor irritations and problems.

So what's the boring science bit?
Vaseline is a mixture of hydrocarbons that was developed from petroleum. Robert Chesebrough refined and patented the process of manufacture. Physically, the petroleum jelly doesn’t oxidise to air, doesn’t react with many chemical reagents, is water insoluble and is transparent, odourless and clear in colour. Today its use includes easing skin disorders and eczema. It is used in many ointments and is useful by itself.

Beauty Uses

1. It prevents windburn by creating a barrier between the skin and the wind, helping to prevent windburn.

2. It helps psoriasis by lubricating the patchy, itchy white scales and keeping eczema under control in dry weather.

3. A fantastic lip balm or lip gloss for chapped lips. Great on long flights and in sunny climates. I use it every night at bedtime and it really conditions them. I also keep old eyeshadow palette boxes and mix my favourite lipstick with Vaseline to create light Summer tint shades for on the go. Also if you exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush and Vaseline you will make them super smooth.

4. Great for creating shiny eyelids. Apply with a brush over eyeshadow. You can also use it as a subtle highlighter on brow bones, cheekbones and lip contour.

5.Vaseline is perfect for shaping and taming eyebrows. You can also use an eyelash wand  (without mascara) and apply Vaseline on it to create glossy lashes.

6.Use in the hair for a sleek look such as a bun or up do where you need shine. It will condition the hair and won't damage it. Great for dry skin conditions such as dandruff or itchy scalps.

7.Use Vaseline on your cuticles- leave it for 2 minutes and then push back cuticles with a cuticle stick and you will have fab nails. It also conditions the nails.

8. It protects cuts and scrapes. The jelly creates a barrier that keeps the air, water and bacteria out, promoting healing. But do not use on fresh burns as it traps in heat making it uncomfortable. Only apply on old burns.

9. It locks moisture to the skin to prevent dryness. This is why it is also great for sunburn or irritated skin. So, if your skin is super dry on your heels it will make an excellent barrier and heal them. In fact, I often rub Vaseline all over my loofahed feet after a bath and put socks over them for bedtime.When you wake you won't believe how soft your feet are in the morning.

10. Vaseline has long been used on stage and screen for actors who smear it on their teeth to make them gleam and create easy smiles by rubbing onto gums as  nerves stop the mouth beaming from being so dry and the Vaseline stops your mouth sticking.

11. Slather on your hands before you put them in washing up gloves to do the washing up. The steam and heat of the water will make the Vaseline act as an intensive moisturising treatment the same way that a hot paraffin treatment would.

12. If you have stubborn eye-make-up that won't budge, smear some Vaseline into a cotton pad and wipe over eyes in a stoking movement. The Vaseline will catch and pick-up all the make-up and leave your eyes soft. I use it for when I have waterproof eye-make-up on and I find it is so gentle it doesn't take out my eyelashes, which some removers do.

13. Mix with sea salt and your favourite essential oil for a cheap, homemade body scrub before your tanning application.

14. Coat eyebrows, nails and heels/elbows before tanning to create the burnt orange effect of your body.

15. On the back of your hand, mix a slab of Vaseline with your favourite peachy lipstick to make a cream blusher that you decide the intensity on.

Still don't believe me that Vaseline is so great? Check out this hilarious video of Tyra Banks that has me in stitches about the product. Maybe a tad too enthusiastic but funny all the same.


Sunday, 11 March 2012


Spotted! Fab make-up looks at the 2012 Professional Beauty Show


This was Hannah Milton - make-up by Alice Harman displaying 1950s high fashion. I loved this look! Minnie Mouse meets Grease! The sculpting shades of Hannah's make-up were just gravity defying!

This was Gintare Nikolayavaite - make-up by Ina Prusakova. The theme was Fantasy 'Lady Gaga'. A stunning renaissance make-up look with a stunning costume. Exquisite attention to detail.

Winner of the day for the make-up competition at the show, (below) and who I spotted long before they were announced the winner was Claire O' Kennedy with make-up by Nicole Robinson. Their theme was pop icon Christina Aguilera. There was something very ethereal and Narniaesque about this look that drew me in and the overall costume and light of the make-up deserved the accolade it won. Well done!

Here, as the on-watch Madonna fan I am, I spotted Nikki Harris with make-up by Chantelle Mcintyre. No need to say what the icon was here. I loved this almost rock punk look of Madge and the high fashion look wouldn't have looked out of place at a Vivienne Westwood show. Loved the unusual necklace detail.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Shellac Nail Colour & New 2012 Colours

Shellac Nail Colour

I have a problem with my nails as they chip all the time. This is because I have natural oils in my nails that make it come off and I type a lot during the day. I have tried everything to solve this such as base and top coats, hard wearing nail polish and acrylics, but still I find them very time-consuming. My beautician persuaded me to try Shellac nails; the painter's "power polish" and I haven't looked back since!

The benefits of the Shellac UV colour coat:
• Goes on like a polish
• Wears like gel
• Comes off nails in minutes
• Lasts for 14 days
• Zero Dry Time
• Mirror Finish  
• Fast dry time which means in ten seconds of UV drying, you can drive home without worrying abut smudges or knocks to newly coated nails.

I have Shellac Gotcha colour in a pretty pink colour.
First my beautician files my nails into shape and makes sure I have no varnish residue from previous colours. The nails are scrubbed with ScrubFresh because ScrubFresh will eliminate any contaminants such as oil and debris from the surface of the nails

Then a Shellac UV base coat is applied. All Shellac nail colours are shaken vigorously for 10 seconds to loosen up the bead ingredients.

Then my nails are dried under a CND UV Lamp for 120 seconds.

The colour coat is then applied and dried for the same amount of time and then finished with a coat of the UV layer with 120 seconds of UV drying again. All very simple and quick when you are working on both hands The top sticky layer (the inhibition layer) is taken off with a cotton pad soaked in **D-Sperse IPA solution. Scrub Fresh must never be used for this as it breaks down the product.
The result is super glossy pretty nails which look like acrylics but are all my own and much more natural! I love the fact that I do not have to worry about my nails for two weeks once this has been done. My beautician charges about £30 to have this nail treatment done and it is worth every penny.


I was recently at The Professional Beauty Show 2012 on Sunday March 4th and was very excited to see the new Shellac colours being launched on the CND nail stand.
The new colours are SILVER VIP STATUS which is a shimmery colour that you can layer over a colour coat.
SILVER CHROME which is a gorgeous thick, gleaming silver colour that is great for the beach.
RUBBLE which is a scrummy chocolate shade and beautiful with neutral clothing/everyday wear.
GOLD VIP STATUS is a sparkling shimmer, again can be used over coloured coats or for nail design.
DARK LAVA is a vampy, pearly plum colour.
CITYSCAPE is an unusual grey colour-very urban.
The whole collection wouldn't look out of place on a character from Doctor Who or  Bladerunner. I like they way they are quite wacky but you can carry them off for the day as they would go with everything.

Here are some of the girls at the show with the new colours on- I can't wait to try SILVER CHROME for my holidays with silver jewellery. SHELLAC you have a fan here thanks!
 Link to the official SHELLAC website

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