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Photographer with Creative Flame at Parallax Art Fair

Gas-masked Artist Poses with Burning Umbrella to Create the Perfect Shot for Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, October 24-25.

If you are looking for an unusual and experimental art show to visit this month  then Parallax is a must see visit for you this month. 

An artist exhibiting in the upcoming eleventh edition of Parallax Art Fair in October came close to setting himself on fire in the process of making one of his creations for the event. Darren Bailey LRPS, a member of the Royal Photographic Society, posed with an umbrella in flames to capture his image, “Environmental Annihilation”. He coated the outside of the umbrella with fire-retardant,  sticky felt pads, and the inside with tin foil. “The foil,” he explained, “served for safety and to reflect light from the six Manfrotto LED lights that were fixed on the underside to give the desired lighting for the shot. A small container fashioned from a Kinder Egg toy holder was attached to the underside of the umbrella in which I put the flu tester when it was ignited. This created the smoke in the picture.” Asked about the risk, he explained, “My creations all take time, effort, planning, research and thought to bring to life!”

Along with Bailey, Parallax Art Fair will uniquely exhibit almost 200 international makers and over 3000 pieces of fine, decorative and applied arts. All the exhibitors are self-representing makers selling in the £200-£10,000 price bracket. 
Most have substantial exhibiting experience. Countries represented in October will include: Africa, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UAE and UK. Alongside painting, sculpture and printmaking, there will be jewellery, photography, ceramics, textiles and even furniture. “One of things that we try to communicate to the visitor,” said Dr Chris Barlow, one of the founders, “is that we are interpreting these objects as objects. I cannot think of anything more detrimental to art making in the last 100 years than the gradual anthropomorphisation of art. It is one of the core implicit questions that we want the viewer to consider when visiting.”

There are benefits for all types of visitors to the fair in October though. For those wishing to purchase work by new or mature exhibitors, most with exhibiting and commercial business experience, PAF has proved to be one of the best wholesale markets.  

Some of the artworks: 
Seaside- Grant Legas

Carrot Head- Jake Oliver Fishman 

Walk- Petr Malina

Buyers can take advantage of the same expertise, yet with lower prices than can be offered by galleries and other fairs due to its low exhibition overheads, 0% commission fee, free entrance, and makers central to the selling process. Some exhibitors are also tax free, saving thousands of pounds for buyers. The range of work is often higher and more varied than can be found in some galleries, which is probably why dealers are increasingly taking advantage of the low-price situation themselves. "I was unsure what to expect when I visited,” one London gallerist recently explained, “but I spotted a sculpture near the entrance. I chatted briefly to the artist, but did not mention who I was. I decided to run images past my clients. I sold one for £10,000 and then a further three more. I decided to commission the artist for more pieces."

The exhibition is free to the public and further information is available at

There is also a competition running in which you can win one of two £50 vouchers if you email before the 17th of October, quoting your THE GLAMOURCAT BLOG name in the subject line. Parallax only runs for two days (24th & 25th) so you must do this before then.

Parallax Art Fair opening details:
Thursday 23rd October: Private View, 7.30-9.30pm
Doors open to the Public:
Friday 24th October 1pm – 6pm
Saturday 25th October 11am- 5pm

Venue: Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3 5EE
Entrance – Free.

Visit Parallax AF –

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