Monday, 24 November 2014

Sue Moxley Light Up Lip Gloss BABE shade Review

Sue Moxley Light Up Lip Gloss BABE shade review

Here is a review of the latest light up lip gloss from Sue Moxley. This luxurious creamy lip gloss is fine to use as both a colour and gloss on its own without any lipstick. It has a torch that lights up with one click and a mirror on the product for easy application, even in dim lighting. 

Touch click button at the end clicks on and off light.

Large mirror on lip gloss is handy for any make up application not just this lip gloss. 

Lovely beige shade lip gloss suits everyone. 

I chose the shade BABE as it goes really well with most complexions and suits any outfit you are wearing as it is a beige nude. It is the sort of colour your could imagine Kim Kardashian wearing. 

The gloss is really easy to apply and lasts for about 2 hours. You can check your make-up anytime on an evening out with the easy click light,it turns off again with another click.

I use for this lip gloss for all make-up applications in the car or now when it is getting darker in my handbag for quick touch ups. 

It's only £12.00 which is so reasonable considering you have a high end lip gloss with a light up element. 

Here is my make-up video so you can see what the application is like: 


Other colours include: 

  • Babe = Nude Colour
  • Bright Pink = Feisty
  • Soft Pink = Bombshell
  • Red = Hot


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