Thursday, 12 February 2015

Garnier launches Miracle Sleeping Cream

New Overnight Sleeping Cream for Skin 

This month sees the launch of Miracle Sleeping Cream from beauty brand Garnier. 
This anti-ageing overnight treatment for skin contains the restorative power of a mask and the lightness of a cream to revive skin. 
Garnier laboratories created a unique night cream using a brand new kind ‘intelligent texture’ polymer with self-smoothing properties. 
This compound naturally has a tensile, elastic, flexible form that can hold droplets of oils and active ingredients within the cream’s texture, enabling their properties to be preserved as much as possible. Upon contact with fingers, the polymer is irresistibly attracted to the skin, and once applied, leaves an ultra-flexible film on the face.

Once on the skin, the polymer returns to its dynamic form, providing great coverage and allowing the texture to act like a ‘conveyor belt’ that helps the active ingredients to penetrate the skin. Inspired by Asian sleeping pack technology, the anti-ageing formula has seven active ingredients including lavandin essential oil, LHA, adenosine, extract of albizia, extract of ruscus, hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil. Miracle Sleeping Cream is priced at £12.99.
A very reasonable price for such a wonder product- as a new mum I think I will be purchasing this!

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