Sunday, 3 July 2016

Make-Up Review: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in shade Passion

Lipstick Review

I love lipsticks, in fact my whole beauty section on this blog will probably mostly start being lipsticks. They brighten up my face as I am so fair and whenever I don't wear lipstick, I always get told I look ill! I have been dying to try the new Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours for ages and finally dabbled with the raspberry red shade PASSION because it is such a lovely cool tone red which is great for blondes. 
The packaging is great and looks far more expensive than the £8.99 price tag and has loads in it. I got mine in Boots and they usually have a £2 discount on it so it's even more of a bargain! 
With 16 shades you'll find the hardest task is picking which shade you want to buy as they are all gorgeous. 

We can thank Kylie Jenner for the introduction of matte look lipsticks. The deal is they make your lips look plumper, they are longer wearing and they shouldn't transfer as much.
I personally am not a fan of lip gloss type lipsticks as they usually catch my blonde hair and I end up with lipstick patches so I was interested to see what this would be like.
This lip colour is lightweight, a high definition velvety matte color. With a moisturizing, velvety feel.
They are 100% wax-free and come in a gel formula.
When you screw off the lid it looks like a lip gloss but the applicator is great and ensures you put it on fine. It takes about five minutes for the colour to turn from a shiny, high pigmented matte shade. The only thing I found hard was that as the colour is so HD that you have to be really exact with application as one little smudge really shows up on your lips if you make a mistake or go out of your lip area so I had to really try and be careful and also wear a matching lipliner with this so I 
have a guide.

As you can see beforehand, my lips are full but really need colour when I am wearing white. The HD lipstick, particularly in this cool tone is great for blondes with blue or green eyes as it brightens your face up. The raspberry tone whitens up teeth because of the blue tone in it and it is definitely not a red, more of a pinky red.  

I love the end look and although it is matte it doesn't feel drying at all and lasted a lot longer than normal lipstick- about five hours.  
I really want to buy all the other colours! My lips felt moisturised and the colour as it is HD really pops and has great pigment similar to MAC lipsticks but with half the price. 

Price- *****
Colour- *****
Application- ***
Long lasting- *****
Transfer- *****
Result- 4/5 


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